Functional integration

Functional Integration or FI is a one on one movement lesson done with Valerie Grant.  Val uses her extensive knowledge of Biomechanics to help people of all ages experience remarkable changes.  Lessons are available to both adults and children with special needs.

Personal Training

Private lessons in Strength Training as well as Pilates, Yoga, Corealign and Sounder Sleep are available.

What is feldenkrais?

Created by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais the method was developed over a lifetime, and continues to evolve with each lesson given.  Dr. Feldenkrais was an active man participating heavily in local Soccer and Judo clubs. After suffering a knee injury in soccer Feldenkrais chose not to go through with a risky surgery.  He instead began to rehabilitate the knee by concentrating on his movement patterns looking to find a way to organize around his limitation.  He began training people in his method in the 1950s and continued until his death in 1984.

Val has worked in the fitness field for over 25 years.  She was certified by the Feldenkrais guild in 2012 after training in NYC.  Val or The Posture Coach is also a teacher in Yoga, Sounder Sleep Method®, and various forms of Pilates. She helps people find new ways of moving as well as increasing core strength and stability.

Next Steps...

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Get more for you money

Package rates are available for both privates and group classes.  Private lessons are $100 a session.  Inquire for more details.