Funtional Integration

Functional Integration or FI is a one on one movement lesson done with Valerie Grant.  Val uses her extensive knowledge of biomechanics to help people of all ages experience remarkable changes.  Lessons are beneficial to everyone from the elite athlete looking to improve performance to any adult with physical issues and children with special needs.

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Functional Synthesis®

Functional Synthesis or FS is a private movement lesson done by Ian Grant.  The goal and content of the lessons vary from client to client. It is a great way to start out or for people in need of more attention during lessons. FS is valuable for adults experiencing physical challenges (flexibility, strength, balance and others) as well as children with special needs (autism, cerebral palsy, genetic disorders and developmental delays).

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Group Classes

Transformational Movement Lessons (TMLs) and Awareness Through Movement (ATMs) are available at PureEnergy Studios in Paoli, Pa. (Mondays at 4 pm and Fridays at 11:30am) Sign Up Here The studio is located in The Depot Shoppes on Plank ave.  The classes are available to adults looking to increase their quality of life through improving their flexibility and strength,and also helping to reduce aches and pains.

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We are here to offer lessons in both the Feldenkrais Method and ABM®.  These modalities are very different from traditional routes of self improvement, because in the sessions we approach the movements from the perspective of the brain.

Going about these movements in a specific way heightens the sensitivity in the person and allow for change to occur.  This change can be quiet large or subtle and the brain naturally integrates it's experience.

ABM and Feldenkrais have helped people with such limiting conditions as Traumatic Brain Injury, stroke, Scoliosis, Stenosis, and Sciatica. Also children with special needs related to Autism, ADD/ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, and Genetic Disorders.  That being said we all stand to live a more vital life with a more flexible and potent thinking brain, which makes lessons beneficial to anyone what will give it a try.



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More information is available from Anat Baniel's website as well as the Feldenkrais Guild's website

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