Functional Synthesis® or FS is a private movement lesson done by Ian Grant.  The goal and content of the lessons vary from client to client. It is a great way to start out or for people in need of more attention during lessons. FS is offered for both adults and children with special needs.

Personal Training

Private sessions for Strength Training involving bodyweight exercises, kettlebells and grappling all with a focus on the inclusion of Anat's 9 Essentials®.

What is the anat baniel method neuromovement?

Anat Baniel was a student of Dr. Feldenkrais.  Growing up knowing Moshe, Anat began practicing what Feldenkrais was teaching at a relatively young age.   After university she went through a training of Feldenkrais' and then another and then she began to practice and teach as often as she could.  Anat spent years with Feldenkrais studying people's ability to reorganize their movements and integrate changes for great reduction in pain and spasticity.  Together they had an understanding of our need for comfort and the ability of our brains to change.  Over her career Anat has grown work with mostly children with a variety of special needs. She offers lessons at a center in San Rafael, California to both adults and children looking to improve their quality of life.  Anat has also created the 9 Essentials® to help people more easily utilize their neuroplasticity or the brains' ability to change and promote change.

Ian completed Anat's training program in 2015.  Currently lessons are given in Devon as well as West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Next Steps...

Private lessons are $100 a session.  In home appointments are available with an additional traveling fee.  Contact us for scheduling details and availability


Get more for you money

Package rates are available for both privates and group classes.  Inquire for more details.